Saturday, August 30, 2014

Another perfect day on Halong Bay

Next morning we were up early, so I could have another go at Tai Chi with the Dragon Master, it is a nice start for the day specially in such beautiful surroundings. Then it was time for another leisurely breakfast on board ship before we got ready for the excursion of the morning to a floating village where ladies will row us around one of the mountains.

 But Dorothy is really not well, Winnifred told us she had coughed all night and was very breathless, eventually Dorothy staggered down to sit in the sun but couldn't eat. Our guides were most concerned about her. They said there were no Doctors any where near so they must take her back to Hanoi, a long way to have to go to be looked at. Winnifred said she would go with her freind and so had to rush and pack up for both of them, all gear had to go with them.

All the rest of us had to pile into the two tenders and go off to the floating village, leaving our 2 freinds behind, they looked very dejected and sad and Dorothy looked very ill.
Quang took them both back as far as he could in the ships tender.It is hoped they may catch up with us when we go to Saigon, if Dorothy is fit to travel.

Our morning being rowed around by an elderly lady was very nice we went with Christine and her Mother Pauline two very nice ladies. It was so beautiful and we just soaked up the serenity as we slowly went under a big mountain that had eroded away and around another jutting mountain and back to the Floating village again, lovely in the morning sun, though in fact it was very hot and humid and we all had to borrow big straw conical hats to keep the sun off us.

Back to the ship for lunch and how sad it felt to not have our 2 mates with us, I am going to miss them a lot.

The afternoon entertainment of sorts is not something we intend to attempt, it is to enter a secret cave and climb up 700 steps to the top and them come down a different  set of 700 steps! There are lovely stalagmites and stalactites all in various pretty colours and nice coolness. Doesn't sound like us at all.

So we passed the time reading up on the deck with a cool drink at hand, just relaxing and enjoying this lovely cruise, til the hot and bothered step climbers all returned exhausted and ready for a swim in the deep ocean around the ship.

I don't think I have ever swam off the side of a ship (actually the tender tied to the ship) in deep water before, I knew I could because of my natural buoyancy it is almost imposable for me to sink, I just float to the surface and virtually lie on top of the water. It is a talent I have always had, very useful it is too.

 Everybody else donned a life jacket in case they had any difficulties but I did not and was completely at ease in the water for a long time swimming and chatting to everyone as they all tried to float like I can, not many people can, they needed their life jackets.

After diiner on board ship we waited for the sunset and took a photo before we retired

to bed early and started packing as we leave this ship in the morning.
Going to be hard to leave as I have really loved this cruise, except for losing the 2 freinds we had made. I could easily spend the entire time just drifting around this lovely place

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