Sunday, March 01, 2015

Blenheim Women's section RSA 70th Anniversary

Blenheim Women's Section of RSA  ( Returned Servicemen Association)  70th .Anniversary.

This Ladies section of the RSA was started only a few days after my birth, Mum went with me just a babe-in-arms to join it, so she has been there as long as anyone has, so ofcause she had to attend the big celebration dinner. I just went along to help her with the wheelchair  and look after her, but I  also enjoyed a lovely meal and a glass of good wine.

There was a good turn out for this dinner and wreath laying.

We all walked around to the Memorial Clocktower to lay two wreaths in memorial of the fall solders during the wars. The wreaths were laid by the Male RSA members.
 Flags were flying beside the clock tower. The flag I have photographed is actually the Australian flag, the New Zealand Flag was flying on the other side of the Clocktower.

 Seymore Gardens looks so pretty, as they always do.

After the exhausting walk to the Seymore Gardens where the Memorial Clocktower is and back again pushing Mum in the wheelchair over our bumpy footpaths,  I was more than ready for the lovely dinner and the wine. The temperature outside today is 30 degrees or more, quite sweltering!.

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Beautiful, ladies.
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