Friday, June 05, 2015

Chicken Curry and Rice Lunch at Ngakuta Bay

Last month our Church Christian Life Church, held our usual 
 'Merry Missionary Month of May'
 to support our Missionary s. We held many interesting events including a Talent and Gift Auction; where we all offered whatever talent we had to be auctioned, I for instance as a Shuttle and tour driver offered a Wine tour for 4 people, which was snapped up for a good price. I myself was more interested in the meals being offered, Pasta with the Pastor and Lunch of Chicken Curry and Rice at Ngakuta Bay with our Missionarys  Monica and Julian Hawkings, who are home on a sabbatical from China and Tibet.

I also quite liked the Foot Massage but missed out on that one to a higher bidder, but I kept on bidding til I out bid everyone else for the 2 lovely meals. Still I got them for a comparable to restaurant meal price. It was for a good cause and I enjoy going out to dinner so it was a win win situation, I would have paid higher.

Finally the day came around when we were able to drive to Ngakuta Bay for our special lunch. There was one other guest Gil who had offered to sharpen all tools as his talent offering which Monica and Julian had bought at the same auction, he had just finished his sharpening and was happy to join us for Chicken Curry and rice.

Monica had set the table beautifully with flowers and candles, very welcoming.

After a sit around the fire with a glass of juice and the days Scripture reading, we sat down to the lovely meal, cooked by Julian. Big bowls of Chicken Curry of steamed rice with tomato and another bowl of Broccoli along with chutney and yogurt.

It was delicious as was the second course we had a time of great fellowship together before retiring again to the fireside for coffee and chocky biscuits.
We really were treated like Kings and Queens.

 All the while enjoying the beautiful scenery and peace of Ngakuta Bay in the Marlborough Sounds, before heading for home late afternoon.
Thank you Monica and Julian.

Next week Pasta with the Pastor.


John said...

Looks lovely. A wonderful way to spend a winter's afternoon.

L. D. said...

It looks like a great place to be. Fundraising for a good cause makes it fun to do also.

bj said...

I love fundraising for good glad you enjoyed going out to eat...

claude said...

I love curry spice. I cook often guinea fowls with curry powder and coco milk.

Lowell said...

You do have an interesting social life with lots of food. I like the food part!

Blogger said...

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