Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pasta with the Pastor night

Pasta with the Pastor night.
Last month we had the Merry  Missionaries Month of May where we had many fundraising nights including the talent auction where I out bid everyone to buy the 2 lovely meals on offer in private homes with friends of ours from Church, I have already written up the Ngakuta Bay Lunch, now it is turn for the Pasta with the Pastor Evening. We had been looking forward to this because Judy and Wayne are our best friends and I know Judy to be a fabulous cook.
We arrived to be greeted warmly in French by Wayne our waiter for the night, Judy did point out that it was an Italian themed night but apparently Wayne is going to be French tonight!  Erle brought a nice bottle of Marlborough Sav wine which he asked the waiter to uncork providing it was a BYO  restaurant. We were soon settled on the settee to warm up before the fire, in a room where all the furniture had been
moved and different stuff placed carefully to add Italian ambiance to the 'Restaurant' room, alight with pretty red candles, with a glass of wine in our  hands toasting each other frequently.

Our waiter soon brought out special homemade crisps that were baked not fried, together with pate and many little dishes of dips and tasty sauces and a type of salami made of dates and nuts. All very yummy and enjoyed with lots of good conversation.
We were shown to our table and served the entree of Mediterranean Tart, a 6 inch square pasty filled with cream cheese, sundried tomatoes, olives rocket leaves and feta cheese, very delicious and almost enough for the whole meal. But still no pasta had shown up so we knew there must be a big bowl of spaghetti or something like that to come.
Judy vanished into the kitchen and returned with plates brimming wit h homemade pasta with garlic topped with some yummy stuffed chicken balls and a bowl of walnut and pomegranate salad to go with it. I had never had  homemade pasta before, so it was a real treat, tender and tasty with more body than the bought stuff; much better.
We were very full by this time and were just enjoying the last of the wine when Judy did another vanish into the kitchen and returned this time with large individual Pavlovas for us all topped with enough scrummy whipped cream to even keep me happy ( Cream is my major addiction and weakness) and drizzled with raspberries and what I think were pomegranate seeds. Anyway who cares just what drizzled the whipped cream those pavlovas were very nice. We all struggled to finish them as it had been such a big beautiful meal. Manfully we managed it!  
At this time we suddenly looked down at those pretty red candles which had burned right through the  outside wall of the wax and the said wax was now making its way slowly across the snow white tablecloth! In our haste to rectify matters somehow we managed to leave brilliant red trails and drips just about all over that lovely cloth,  which Wayne manfully said was only a cheap one from the second hand shop! lol, yeah right! I don't think so, I do hope Judy can clean off all that red wax.

What a great night a great meal with great friends, I shall sure be bidding next year, should we hold a similar talent auction.
All in all I can definitely recommend this restaurant to all.
Sorry no photos I was too busy eating and talking.


Lowell said...

Pasta with the Pastor sounds like fun! And lots of good stuff to eat!

diane b said...

Sounds like you had a great time.

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