Friday, July 31, 2015

Rarotonga 2015 Weddings.

For this years winter break we decided to head once again to Cook Islands, Rarotonga.  We got accommodation at the Rarotongan Resort and Spa, a very nice resort down the bottom of the island. We arrived late in afternoon and I went straight to the beach and took this photo in the dusk.

The next day we decided to go into the town and buy some food to last us for a few days and then to just relax peacefully on the beach or in the garden and read our books. Was a good idea to have a nice wind down time before we did anything much.
Whilst lazing in the sun on a sun lounger a group of young men all dressed in dress suits leaned over the balcony and yelled out do we look like we are going to get married in an hours time. I answered them no because you don't have any ties on. They told me they didn't know how to tie them but they did all have a tie and could I tie the tie knot? Yes as it turns out I could, as I had to wear a tie way back when I was in college.
The entire wedding party raced down and lined up for me to do my magic and tie their wedding ties! I did about a dozen I think and got a big hug from the bridegroom and an invite to his wedding. Now I am forced to admit I thought it was a gay wedding since there were only men, but in fact there was a lovely bride and several bridesmaids. A big wedding. I only went to the beach to watch the ceremony though I could have gone to the reception I didn't want to intrude too much. 
It turns out there was a wedding almost every day at this resort and I went to watch several of them during the 2 weeks we stayed there. Some were just a renewing of vows but many were the big romantic wedding, mostly much more relaxed in dress style than this one.

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L. D. said...

What a great story. There are nice people all over the world and you are one of them. It was a warm and friendly group of guys who were not afraid to ask for help. I really will be sharing this story with my wife. Made me smile.