Saturday, August 01, 2015

Bananas at Rarotonga.

We love fresh fruit and eat heaps of it while we are in the tropics, so we were very pleased to discover the big Banana palm outside our apartment had 2 big bunches of ripe bananas on it and more coming along

. We were able to grab a quick snack every time we went out for a wander on the beach at Rarotonga.
The bunch on the right are the new flowers just setting out to be bananas. Apparently there are 19 varieties of banana, these ones were the small ladies Finger ones and they were really yummy.
There were plenty if other lots of banana growing around the resort so plenty for everyone to enjoy.
We were quite lucky cause the weather has been chilly for the tropics, ad fruit has not ripened as fast as usual, there were no papaya at all ripe, Star Fruit were available in small numbers too, even tomatoes were not ripening so were very expensive to buy. 

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