Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Two Coast Guard boats

There has been a new Coast Guard boat provided for the benefit of Picton boaties. We walked down to get a photo of the new boat, but the 2 boats were just pulling away from their jetty off to assist someone in trouble.

We watched as they raced away past a group of small colourful yachts at full speed they raced of the the rescue, it was interesting to see the new boat which is much bigger was also much faster.

It was a lovely walk home in the sunshine, we decided to take the bush walk home its a bit longer but much nicer.

We will have to walk down again to get a close photo of those boats.

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Jacob said...

The Coast Guard does not get enough recognition for all the good work they do, in my opinion. Nice to know they got a new faster boat too. Nice photos, Glennis!