Saturday, May 28, 2016

Half Marathon walk

Today is the last big event for the Merry Missionary Month of May, a sponsored walk done by Judy and Kate both from our Church.
Most members of ca our Church came out and joined in at some stage to encourage and support them. I also did twice along the way.

Sadly the weather didnt totally co-operate with us. It was a dull overcast day with bouts of heavy rain and strong winds at times it was quite pleasant for short bursts.

 I joined in at this point for a couple of km round the hilly scenic part, fortunately it was a fairly dry time.
 John made several signs ti encourage them and walked a coupe of km.
 a quick drink along the way.
 At the three quarters mark I rejoined the walkers in the pouring rain along with several others.

 Finishing line is the arches at our Church. Both ladies made it.

Wayne was waiting to welcome everyone with a great sausage sizzle, with some yummy onion plus some ginger crunch cake made by yet another .
A very successful day all around, masses of money made for our Missionaries in several countries.


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