Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Unexpected Water Baptism!

Our Church held its Merry Missionaries Month of May swim this afternoon straight after church.

 We all drove around to Shelly Beach where lined up in readiness for the sponoured swim along thr sea wall. Eight of us ended up in the ocean swimming for sponsor money. I was one of them. and was the only woman until later an unexpected Lady rushed in!
 It was cold but not unbearable. So we all frolicked in the water swimming for a while

 When I got out Pastor Judy and Pastor Julian said why didn't I get water baptized since I was already soaked I said Pastor Judy was not dressed for the water so it could wait til another time.

 Before I knew what was happening Pastor Judy had dived into the sea and awaiting me to do the same, how could I refuse. . So I was Full Immerson Water Baptised today! Not something I had planned. Praise the Lord.

When we came out of the water several people prayed for me in my soaking wet condition.
I am glad I have finally done this after nearly 30 years of being a Christian.

There was even a video taken after we got out of the sea. But I cant seem to upload it at the moment, I shall try later.
Sorry about the green flashes I lent my phone camera to a lady who was very unfamiliar with them.

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