Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The three Bears.

My World meme for this week.
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The three Bears.
These three carved bears are outside a newly opened cafe at Renwick. The carver, a local man who while traveling in Canada chanced to come upon a bear that stood up like this on the side of the road, he was so impressed that since then he has carved dozens of these from tree trunks.All around the grounds of this cafe are many more carved animals and birds to amuse the children.
Almost my whole family called in for a family afternoon tea out, and had a great and noisy time catching up with everyone, after we had admired the carvings..
There are no bears of any kind in New Zealand except within zoos.


Karen said...

Those are very cool bears and a nice capture of them..

I'm often amused by people here in the US ... they ask if NZ has a problem with bears. they can't fathom sometimes, that there are mo wild ones. Just the ones in the zoo.

Bears are beginning to come down out of the hills, around here, looking for food. We've actually had some down in the city..

Martha Z said...

In the mountains of California bears are common, both the carved kind such as these and the furry kind with big teeth and claws. Yours are cute, the furry kind are a bit scarry.

Arija said...

In the rocky mountains there are chainsaw carvers of great artistry, carving out the most beautiful native animals as though they were cutting cheese.
S nice to seee someone in NZ emulating them.

Syaa_Fiqq said...

Nice looking bears. So beautiful. Have a nice day..

Indrani said...

Great marketing strategy!
Nice place to have a gathering, it will be definitely popular with children.

SandyCarlson said...

They are wonderful. Are they hungry, or are they hoping for a ride?

Titania said...

I think it is great that an artistic person can take a piece, in this case a big piece of wood and carve an animal or what ever he or she fancies. Like Pinocchio was carved out of a piece of wood so be careful, the bears might start to talk or growl.

Carolyn said...

Glennis, what an interesting post. We take our bears for granted so it seems unusual to see people fixated on them. They are great animals and they are highly recarded in the Haida culture, they represent 'mother' and are known as Taan (aa pronounced as aw). Thanks for stopping by and I just posted the explanation of the pole.
Thanks for sharing.

Digital Polaroids said...

We don't have bears in Argentina!

Marja said...

Wow beautiful bears That most have been a lot of work. Where is Renwick? Is that close to Picton?

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Those are great carvings. :-)

Maria Berg said...

That is a place I missed when I was to New Zealand, where about is it?

Maria Berg,
Ps. I do not go back and look at comments , so please write an answer on my blog - IF you feel like it.