Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First day Club Med Bintan.

First lovely day Club Med Bintan.
After a good night sleep we both awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to explore and have fun in this beautiful place. We were off down to breakfast quite early for us. I went straight over to the omelet man and made friends with him. He was making giant size omelets and cutting them into pieces for everyone to share, but I asked him to make my mushroom with a little cheese omelet just for me, and he did a nice small size just for me one. Together with hash browns and a pile of bacon that was my breakfast every morning, though I quite often added a bowl of fresh pineapple and papaya as well.
We spotted the nice young couple Scott and Rafaella at breakfast and stopped by to have a chat, we are sure to run into each other again. They had been out early for a nice run along the beach before it got too hot in the sun.
After breakfast we wandered over to the list of activities for the day and discovered there was a Nature Walk in about half an hours time, so we raced back to our room and put on some walking shoes and a hat and the camera and joined in with about a dozen other on a delightful walk through the jungle. We saw very little of interest animal wise, as we were all talking too much, but we saw some birds and a squirrel then one of the walkers found a huge monitor Lizard in a ditch so we did get a photograph of some wild life.

On the walk we stopped by the sign on the main highway and posed beside it. The temperature is so hot and humid we couldn't walk for long in the hot sun, but it was very pleasant in the jungle.

After the walk it was about lunch time so we decided to have a quick lunch then go for a lovely swim in the ocean.
Lunches, in fact all meals at Club med are hardly quite, there is just so much variety of interesting food; you can't rush the selection or the eating of it.
Afterwards we changed into swim suits and headed for the lovely white powdery sand beach, secured a sun lounger with umbrella for a bit of a laze, before we dashed across the hot sun for a great swim in the warm water, it was just lovely a great beach with gently lapping wavelets and shallow water for some distance. After the swim we wandered up to the Beach Bar and ordered ourselves a yummy cocktail to drink on our sun loungers while we read our books and watched other swimmers.
Soon we thought it would be a good idea to head back to our nice cool room for a lie down before dinner and all the entertainment we have heard about.
We actually slept as we were still jet lagged from all the traveling we did the last couple of days.
We got dressed a little for dinner apparently anything goes, but it is quite nice to dress up a bit. had a most wonderful dinner, with several staff members joining us. They encouraged us to be sure and go to the big Comedy Show that some members of the staff put on. It was so funny hardly and words were spoken it was genuine comedy and had everyone laughing. There are so many languages spoken around here a mimed comedy is the best option. it was late by time we headed back to our room.
Good first day, it is very hot here and humid, but we are going to love being here.

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