Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where in the World is Bintan

Where in the world is Bintan.
During the summer while my Husband was having his hair cut at the barbers, he overheard the man next to him talking about the wonderful holiday he had just had on Bintan Island. When Erle got home he asked me to put Bintan Island into a search engine to see just where in the world Bintan Island was.
Turns out Bintan Island is a small Indonesian Island about 20 km off the coast of Singapore, hot and humid, it has beautiful palm fringed white sand beaches and an interesting history and culture, just the type of place we love to travel. S we visited our usual travel agent and asked her to look into travel there. She told us Bintan is not a usual travel destination for New Zealanders, she herself had never been there, nor had she ever sent anyone there, but she would look into what accommodation was available and how best to get there.
About a week later the travel agent rang us and said, you wouldn’t believe it, but a flyer has just been put on my desk from Club Med Bintan. It has never happened before; the deal is for 7 nights. For us that was too short a time to go so far, so we requested to ask for a 10 days stay.
Another week went by before we heard from the travel agent again, she said Club Med had given us a very good deal for 10 nights in Club Med Bintan and one free night in Kuala Lumpa, but there were 3 conditions – firstly we had to pay for the whole trip there and then, we had to fly Air Malaysia and we had to leave on 4th August. She then surprised us by telling us all food and all drinks sports and entertainment were included in the price! Anything can happen in 3 months so we were a little anxious about paying so early, but right from the first time we heard of the Island we felt we were meant to go there, so, we just wrote a cheque out and suddenly 4th August was all on.

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Ann said...

you went to Bintan Indonesia. Wow!!!!