Saturday, May 31, 2014

Before and after shots around the Square in Christchurch.

Just before the big Earthquake that destroyed Christchurch we visited and I took many photos of monuments and buildings, now I have something to compare the after view.
The Challis Statue and the vibrant building behind it. both still partly standing, but the building is wrecked and abandoned just awaiting specialist demolishers because there is a lot of asbestos within it. The Challis is just fine.
Note the lack of people in all the after photos; there were almost none. But plenty of beautifications bright and colourful to lighten the sad depressing feel of the area,

The old Post Office Building before and after - still standing for now, but not in use.

Christchurch Cathedral before and after just before the Spire fell, and now 4 years later. How sad is this.

The Old ANZ Bank Building Before and after. A gracious old building  gone.

Before and after shots. Warners Hotel a historical building, now gone! In its place and for most other buildings, there is a car park!
The RSA memorial is still standing but the big top Angel is heavily staped into position.
Many more old buildings and beautiful Churches have come down or had to be demolished because of structural damage. Heartbreaking to see it all.


TexWisGirl said...

i am certain it must be hard to see all the earthquake damage and missing buildings - and especially when you have photos of before and after scenes.

thank you for stopping by today! safe travels to you!

elena marin-alexe said...

Very interesting and beautiful pictures. Thank you for posting!