Thursday, May 29, 2014

Christchurch 4 years after the Earthquake.

Our trip to Christchurch, firstly we visited the Cathedral Square,once the hub of Christchurch City..... not any more. The Square is like a ghost town most buildings have been demolished or will be very soon. the is a depressing feel about the place, it is nearly deserted only people we spoke to were people from out of town there like we were for a first look at the mess left by the devastating earthquake.

 Much has been done to create a cheery colourful atmosphere; the pretty flower planted Maori Whare (house) used as an entry to the completely broken ruined Cathedral.

Our beautiful Cathedral is no more.

 Fences are painted very jauntily and colourful fags hang all around, but still the square is empty and sad.
As we walked around I suddenly became completely overwhelmed by the devastation and felt compelled to stop with Erle and Pray for the restoration of Christchurch; not to its former glory, but to a new more wonderful glory, the way Christ wants His city to be. Amen.

 The RSA memorial still stands but requires heavy straps to hold up the big Angel. From this angle the Cathedral looks ok but don't be fooled the walls are crumbling away almost all window have fallen out.

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