Saturday, May 10, 2014

Help save these young Nigerian Girls.

This is so terrible the world should be up in arms over such treatment of innocent young girls.
"I abducted your girls, I will sell them." This is part of a statement by the leader of Boko Haram Every woman in the world who can should speak up now in solidarity! Every girl deserves an education and what some girls have to endure to get that education is unthinkable! Now this! The mass kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls just trying to get an education and threatened with the unthinkable... being sold in one of the most grotesque examples of human trafficking ! Everyone please blog, repost, tweet, shout from the highest hill... We stand in solidarity, Mothers , Daughters, we are all ALL SISTERS! In fact we are all Brothers and Sister and we can and MUST all show our outrage right now by posting this  anyway you can. 


Cloudia said...

Yes, let's do something, world!

ALOHA from Honolulu

Small Kucing said...

hope all turns out well