Thursday, August 20, 2015

A small tsunami.

We slept in a while, after all we were on holiday,  We awoke to the loud roaring of a heavy sea running and smashing into the outer reef. When we went down to the beach to check out the noisy ocean, we were told oh you have missed all the excitement!
Apparently 8 people took out the big white out-rigger canoe, right out to the outer reef when the surf was pounding loudly. They got too close and the big waves turned them over and threw them all out into the sea. They all rushed to grab the out-rigger and clung to it. But the out-rigger was not meant to be clung to but 8 people and immediately snapped off. So the men of the resort all grabbed kayaks and paddled furiously  out and  rescued  them all and towed the pieces of the big out-rigger back into to the beach. Just as well we were not there as I have lifesaving medals and may well have considered going out rescuing too.
We were told there had been an earthquake near Tonga, not to far away from Rarotonga, and it had stirred up the ocean and the tides were likely to be much higher than usual with a possible small tsunami. It was true the tide was much higher than usual but not dangerous.
We spent the day reading our books and lounging around relaxing.  The sea remained very high, like high tide all day long crashing and banging and pounding onto the reef and the beach, no swimming for anyone today, far too dangerous.
We went out to dinner at the Muri Beach Market enjoyed another lovely meal and returned to the resort and so to bed without giving the high seas another thought, never thinking about the next high tide during the night.
We found out in the morning that the tide had risen much higher and in fact had rushed into and through all the beach front units to a height of 3 feet soaking all the guests luggage and gear. Staff had to evacuate everyone in middle of the night.
When we got up we found a large pond filling all the  garden area in found of our unit. We were three rows from the sea front, the sea had raced up the pathways between the blocks of units and come to a halt right outside our door. The Sea came to us, so we also had a sea frontage. lol.
The salt water soon soaked into the ground leaving behind masses of seaweed and small pieces of coral and rubbish. killing all the grass and some of the plants, but not the banana palms we had been enjoying.
The groundsmen worked hard sweeping up all the sand, coral and seaweed very quickly, and digging out the flooded units.
I did not take a photo, as I have this thing about not photographing other peoples misery if possible
All the people who had paid for the expensive waterfront units had to be resettled into the upstairs units in our block, the real cheap seats!  I felt sorry for them.and they did not get to go back to the unit they paid for because they were full of sand and soaking wet.
The big wave not only caused damage at our resort it also went right up and over the ring road round the Island in many places and probably went through plenty of houses.


diane b said...

That would have been scary.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, that sounds scary! The place looks beautiful, a gorgeous beach!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Goodness me! Bet this is one time you were happy in the back row Glennis :) Thank goodness it was only a small tsunami hey!

roughterrain crane said...

All of a sudden, nature sometimes change its face. I do hope damages are not heavy.