Friday, August 14, 2015

Big Market day Raro

The big Market day with all the people from the outer Islands selling their wares as well as all the normal stalls with lots of interesting bargains for those that want them. With all the travel we do buying knick knacks  and curios to take home just doesn't happen much now days. But I did decide to buy a black pearl necklace for myself, not I might add an expensive one, not his was just small pearls with mixed colours which turned out to be river black pearls not sea ones. But its ok as far as I am concerned if I like it and want it doesn't matter what it costs; but I prefer a bargain. This bargain cost only $10.  I wore it all the rest of the holiday. This stall with all its interesting sea shell tempted me, it was the one i bought the necklace from. I also bought a nice bright sarong as we always do, not to wear but to take home for a tablecloth. We find the bright cheerful colours remind us of the  great times we enjoy while overseas. And they as so cheap we can get a nice new one every year.

Because it was a special market day there was a band entertaining everyone, not to my taste but I seemed to be in the minority so I imagine they were quire good.

We wandered around for ages buying up things like kebabs, churros and  choc cake to nibble as we went, before settling down to  tasty lunch eaten outdoors at the picnic tables we shared with several others, all washed down with a special island fruit smoothie which was delicious.

There was a big yacht moored just outside the reef one of those millionaires floating palaces, with small boats coming and going from it I guess they were also enjoying the market day. 
Later we visited the Deep Sea Fishing Club for a glass of wine as we wended our way home around the 'other' side of the island
this is the fish cooking caravan outside the Fishing Club building, its nice sitting out there watching the sunsetting. 


Small Kucing said...

Nice to walk around. You bought a sarong? What's the pattern. From the sound of it , it's a cheerful pattern. Yes will sure brighten up your table :)

Cloudia said...

We do not need a floating palace to be happy do we, Dear? I wear sarong ALL the time at home

LL Cool Joe said...

Looks like a fun day out. Thank you for visiting my blog too. :)

Medeia Sharif said...

Looks fun with the shopping, entertainment, and views.