Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Birthday Treat for 4 of us

Four Friends combined their Birthdays so to celebrate together. We had bought a Voucher each for a sea trip to Lockmara Lodge in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds, it included a meal in the cafe and a day pass for all the activities.
The day dawned a perfect clear sunny blue sky day after the wind had blown a roaring gale all night.
We enjoyed the sea trip as the sea was smooth and calm. The trip only took about 20 mins.

Judy and Wayne had brought a bottle of wine with them so we found a nice cosy corner and sat in the sun and drank good wine, my favourite way to drink wine, outside in the fresh air and sunshine.
We then wandered round to the cafe and enjoyed very nice food well cooked and presented and I bought another bottle of wine to go with it.

After a nice rest we headed off to help feed the little green parrots, there are two sorts red crested and yellow crested parrots, the yellow ones are very rare and are being bred  We also saw a large Ring Neck Parrot that is just flying free in the bay, he was visiting his feeding station and posed  nicely for us.

 Bush walks were lovely and cool There was a stairway but it didnt go to Heaven we checked!

by the team at Lockmara Lodge with is a kind of a wildlife sanctuary. They also bred Kuni kuni pigs, Alpaca  and eels among other things. Sadly we took too long  eating and drinking to be able to help feed all these animals but we still saw them nibbling on their food.

 There are lots of interesting bush  walks and I think we walked them all over the course of the day!

A highlight was visiting Crumpys cabin, the men liked the rough hut.A very manly place.


We swung in hammocks all around the place and loved the view  sat in concrete and mosaic Settees we found along the way

The last thing we did was to feed the fish and the big Sting Rays in the harbour while we enjoyed restful cup of coffee on the edge of the water, watching other kayak around the bay, we didnt have time to do that ourselves this time.
What a beautiful place.

All in all a perfect day was had by all four of us.
We were very tired by the time we took the return boat trip back to Picton.


PerthDailyPhoto said...

You certainly know how to live life to the fullest and have fun Glennis :)

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