Monday, February 08, 2016

Church Picnic at Ngakuta Bay

Today  is Waitangi Day here in New Zealand a public holiday and is also Church Picnic Day.  Our Church and also a Blenheim Church join together for this lovely picnic by the sea at the private home in Ngakuta Bay of one of our members.

 About 50 / 60 people attended, sitting out in the sun on the beach edge, food and coffee seemed to taste so much nicer.

 Good conversation with people we didnt know as well of some we knew well.  Many went out in kayaks some swam while I played Frisbee with a dozen others. the children and some of us adults who are still a bit child-like enjoyed the lolly scramble. They did the scramble by throwing the lollies and hitting them with a badminton bat to send them all over the lawn and a few into the sea.

Then there was a Water Baptism,  Renee, a lady from the Blenheim Church was Baptized in the sea while we all sang and prayed for her. She was very happy if rather wet.

Our Pastor and a young Dutch girl who was just visiting Picton who went with us in our nice red car, lovely to have company.
Our car enjoys the view at Ngakuta Bay.

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L. D. said...

That would be a wonderful outing, a church picnic along the shore. It would be good to be with people of like kinds and some that you really do know.