Saturday, February 06, 2016

New Car for us

Such a lovely day Erle and I have had. I woke thinkigg something nice happened yesterday and it was like oh yeah we got our new car. Good start.
It is a Toyota Camry Hybrid, runs on Petrol and battery should be very economical.  Its Australian assembled.

Pretty soon Judy came visiting for coffee and to see our new red car. Whilst drinking coffee she said where are you going to drive that lovely car and we said oh maybe Rarangi. She said be mad take it for a lovely long drive go out for lunch make a day of it. So we did. Drove out to Havelock to have lunch at Slip Inn but it was packed to the gunnells it is a holiday weekend here in New Zealand and every man and his dog seem to have had the same idea. We photographed the car visiting Slip Inn

Then we headed over to the local Pub,for a counter lunch, while the food was being prepared I playe the poker machines and won back the money lunch cost, then after lunch I had another go and won the same amount again. Wow. Decided we would still go to Rarangi to visit my Brother and show off the Toyota Camry Hybrid where we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon tea with Bob and Jan before driving home for a rest. But the pretty red car was all dusty so Erle set about giving it a good wash. What a spoilt car.


Jeromy said...

That is such a great looking new car. I am sure you will love driving it. The gas mileage is great as my wife has a car with a very similar engine. She loves it to bits and uses it all the time also to do longer trips to see her mother, 400 miles away. Great post all the best.

Jeromy @ Fiesta Kia

Paige Hollingsworth said...

I love your new Toyota Camry Hybrid. It's very modern and stylish. You will get really good fuel economy with a hybrid. With all the money you save on petrol, you can take lots of joy rides. There might even be enough money to play some more poker. Lucky you! Congratulations on the car and poker winnings.

Paige Hollingsworth @ Baldwin Motors Lincoln