Monday, October 20, 2008

The day after the Wedding

Sitting on the deck in the sun Kirstie is in the far left photo.

Rarangi Beach a natural garden made from windblown seeds in the sand.

The After match function!

On Sunday morning we woke in our caravan to a beautiful Rarangi day, perfect in every way, sun shining brightly, all the pretty flowers on the beach glowing jewel colours in the sun. We walked down to the sea, breathed in the fresh salty air, kicked a few stones, talked to a dog being walked along then went back up to my brother Bob and Jans house to have breakfast on the deck with the family rather than alone in the caravan.

After that fun time we headed off, to try and find that lost camera and to assist with the clearing up at the club rooms where the dance was held.

My camera was as pleased as I was to be reunited. Then it was on to Rowena's house for 'Elevensie' a Rarangi tradition after most big celebrations, its nice to spread them over two days.

Quite a lot of the family joined us in trying to drink up all the left overs and nibble our way through all the excess delicious food, most of us sat on the deck and the board walk around the deck in the sunshine, and got sun burnt, but it was lovely. Some of the young ones had a good game of cricket going and others hit a ball over a volley ball net now and again, Erle and I walked around Rowenas huge one acre garden, everything was looking immaculate not a blade of grass out of place, a new stone wall had been built with a seat overlooking the stone garden (a special feature of her garden,) it was very nice and very beachy, the trees are all growing well even though the conditions are not favourable to growing at all, as strong salt laden winds sweep over the land often during the winter storms, and summer conditions are very hot and dry. The gardens are a real credit to Rowena, a hard working lady.

Everyone enjoyed relaxing peacifully in the sunshine, with family and freinds and Kirstie and Wayne too, their honeymoon starts from tomorrow.


merike said...

It's so cool to be able to get all the information from here now! And I can always see from my blog who has written a new post!

B. Roan said...

...and a marvelous day after. Love the flowers!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

you got a nice blog. great pictures, too. :) i enjoyed reading it.

Betsy said...

Hello! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and saying hi! I'm so glad you found me! Looks like a beautiful wedding celebration over here! How fun!

merike said...

Thank you for the Deer Hunter Theme, I love it!

steviewren said...

Hi Glennis, thanks for visiting my blog the other day. You certainly traveled a long way to see me! The weather looks lovely on your side of the world.

Anonymous said...

Some people have gardens, but most of brazilians live in apartments! I like flower and gardens, but I rather not have one and live in an apartment right now! :)