Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Great Grand Daughter's 1st Birthday

Two otters entertained us, while we partied with Katie-May.

Katie-May's first birthday party was held at the Zoo in Nelson, beside the otters enclosure. (Otters are the favourite animal of everyone in our family, strange I know, but they are so cute.)
A Picnic party.

Erle and I drove over from our new home in Picton, it took nearly 2 hours to get there, its the first time we have driven over from Picton. Pretty drive around the Queen Charlotte Sounds drive, but very windy and narrow.
Little Katie- May arrived in her pushchair with her Daddy Josh, looking so cute and happy to see everyone gathered to meet her.

All the family from both sides were there to join in the celebration.
Teagan, her Mummy was busy laying out all the food and goodies for littlies, like homemade stars baked on sticks and iced with pebble lollies and hundreds and thousands, and tiny baby muffins.

There was heaps of food for adults too and we all made a big hole in them, we descended on the food like a flock of locusts as it was all so fresh and lovely.

Katie-May liked all her presents and spent a long time making as much noise with them as she could, while doting Grand parents looked on.

After we had all eaten and had a walk around the otters enclosure and talked to the monkeys, it was time to cut the pretty birthday cake, and it was so nice, fattning ofcause but who cares when its a birthday party!
Katie_May was such a good wee girl, not a single cry all day long, a perfect Great-Grand-Daughter!


B. Roan said...

Katie-May is a cutie. Sounds like it was well worth the drive. BJ

B. Roan said...

I did vote a little early, but we don't need a reason. I do have one though. Since I work in the courthouse, we have election day off, so I'm taking Monday as well so I'll have a 4 day weekend. Since I've already voted, I don't have to come into town, I can spend the day trying to finish up a writing project. Voting isn't mandatory here either, but it is our right, so I like to take advantage of it. Have a lovely Thursday. BJ

myramir said...

Hi Glennis, thank you a lot for having a message on my blog, and congratulation for your "litle girl", (my english is bad! duh) I live , not with a taxi driver , but with a truck driver pensionné, when we do a travel , he loves so much road, we can do more than 6000 km, his dream has always been australia, the roll trains, now I can see you , and all of yours have lucky time to.

Anonymous said...

Glennis, she look so adorable!

Inkpot said...

The photos are lovely, it looks like you had a fun day. The zoo is a great place to celebrate your birthday (even when you're 28!) Reading your blog makes me miss New Zealand so much. I visited for a month this time last year and I wish I was back there now. I loved the drive from Picton to Nelson, although I didn't get to see the zoo when I was there.

Paguda said...

obrigado pelo comentário no meu blog!

Linda família que você tem!

Gostam de viajar?
Já visitaram Brasil? Tem lugares lindos!

beijos e bye