Friday, October 17, 2008

Planting our new garden at picton.

Porsche beside the new orange tree.

We have always had a good garden,
filled with many wondeful fruiting trees so when we moved to this tiny

propertry we knew we would have to buy at least a couple of citrus trees. After much thought, we decided on a Lemon and an Orange tree, both are dwarf so will not grow huge, so can be slotted in among our shrubs. Our beautiful Silver blue Burmese cat Porsche, got into the photo too, both our cats love to assist in the garden. The orange was simply smothered in flowers, the lady at the nursery made us promise to remove at least half of them, and we did but there are still masses, we hope for a couple of fruits this year. The lemon already has 2 nice lemons on it, and flowers are appearing among the leaves.
Then we dug ourselves a tiny long narrow vegetable garden, it is only about 18 inches wide but its quite long. We have planted 13 tomatoe plants (3 different varieties) 2 lettuce a brocolli plant, a whole long row of red onions, a row of carrots which are not up yet and right at the end a small number of scarlet runner climbing beans, that will climb up the trellis. When we are able to buy them we shall also put some capsicum plants in between the tomatoes. Now thats comprehensive planting!
Much later when everything is growing well I shall put another photo in, if it does grow!
I also have 2 big plastic containers full of lettuce and silver beet plants, and some green peas that will climb up another trellis around the side of the house! We like our fresh vegies.


Anonymous said...

I think my Crocodile is not hungry:) He is just sweating!if their body temperature is getting to high, they will open their mouth to cool down a bit ;)
Btw you have beautiful blog!:)

B. Roan said...

I am so jealous of your lemon and orange trees. Our temps are too cold for them to survive here. Porsche is gorgeous! Your blog is looking good! I'm off to St. Louis for a weekend of shopping and football with daughter. Have a lovely weekend! BJ

Anonymous said...

I wish we were able to have gardens like yours here in Brazil!! It's very beautiful! :)

Inkpot said...

Porsche is lovely. :) I too am very jealous of your lemon and orange trees. I would love to go into my garden and pick my own citrus.