Monday, September 15, 2014

Buddhist Blessing Peam Chi Kang

Fortunately another relatively quiet restful day, I am not feeling at all well coughing sore throat and congested chest, 9 out of 10 of us are feeling the same, we blame the air conditioning system for spreading the bugs but maybe it is simply the Mekong River in flood brings disease as well as lots of rubbish down with it. There are various things planned for the morning a towel and napkin display showing us how to make animals from a couple of towels, we find an elephant sitting on our bed when we return from breakfast, but it doesn't tempt me to go watch, 

I decide to sit on the balcony look out across the vast Mekong River and read awhile then have a little nap.There is also a fruit carving display but I give that a miss too, been there done that.

After lunch I decide I feel up to a shore excursion so head off on the tender for a Buddhist Blessing at the big Buddhist Temple by the river. I think an extra Blessing can't be all that bad and may even help.
There are a couple of big black elephant statues outside the Temple which is quite unusual.
Several Buddhist Monk are kneeling on their mats waiting to Bless us. One of them are in a not very healthy state with what look like big tumours on their head and chest. I ask the guide about him and he says the Monks have no income to pay for treatment of any complaint so must suffer with it. Very philosophical. There are several long sung Prayers in Cambodia and a short version in English for us, then the Monks tie a few silken strands that they have plaited around our wrists for luck. Mine was golden yellow.

Across from the Temple was the  big sprawling very old Monks house where they mentor and teach young boys to be Monks.

Then we all go on a walk around the old village, apparently it was one of the only villages not burnt to the ground by Pol Pot's Regime, there are houses built on stilts over 100 years old. 

There are also lots of livestock goats and cattle roaming all around.

He found the village shop where the young people congregate with their bikes and scooters..

 But I was feeling not at all well and decided I needed to go back to the ship, so I left Erle to take photos of the animals and went back  on board
and lay down with my head ache.
Lots of others were sickly now too, including the nice lady in next door cabin Pauline, she is much worse than I am and is confined to cabin at present.


Cloudia said...

Do hope you feel splendid soon

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

Karen said...

What an amazing trip you are having. Hope you feel better soon..

Rotha Hacker said...

I am Cambodian I miss that time i want to this time back in soon i live in peamchi kang

we are waiting u and more comeback