Monday, September 08, 2014

First night on the Amalotus cruise

Our first night on the Amalotus cruise included a big welcome dinner that we are to dress up for, so we did.
A wonderful banquet it turned out to be too, we all enjoyed a wonderful meal with delicious cocktails and good company.
After the beautiful meal we meet the big Tour Manager Hong who gives us a breifing of what we shall be doing over the next few days, he shows us slides of various things along the way. Then he tells us to relax and enjoy a traditional folkloric performance from Vietnam dancers and musicians all dressed in beautiful costumes . It is very good too there was a monkey dancing around among the lady dancers wearing a fancy pottery mask carrying a sharp looking dagger.
 We all linger to watch and some are kind of dragged up to give it a go doing some of the dances.... fortunately not me or Erle!
Was a lovely evening a good start to our Mekong cruse. But quite a late one, for us, plus plenty of wine and cocktails, we shall sleep well tonight.

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