Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunrise at Angkor Wat

This morning we have to be up so early, well, we don't have to be, and Erle chooses to not be, most people however do get up and are ready to leave at 4.15am by bus to Angkor Wat,.
We think we are far too early as it is pitch dark, the moon is still up, as we stumble our way to the viewing spot, but when we get there it seems we are very late hundreds of others are already in all the best positions, so we kind of squeeze in on the side not the best view but we will still see most of it. So we wait. And wait.
While we wait Christine tells me she had to call for a Doctor to see her Mother Pauline during the night as her breathing became far too laboured. To get a Doctor to visit she had to pay a bond of $500 US, he came took one look at Pauline and said she must go to Hospital immediately. So before midnight they made a dash by ambulance to the Local Cambodian Hospital.  Christine had even less sleep than the rest of us and all the worry of a very ill Mother.

 We have to fend off dozens of hawkers who are also up early, I did buy some fridge magnets but lots of others were buying up big of elephant print covered troucers, but I thought just where will I wear these at home,answer came back loud and clear... nowhere
. Admittedly I am still not feeling well and not really thinking all that straight, but I wouldn't get much use from them.We still wait, slowly it gets a little lighter and we are hopeful but after all the waiting it is a very unimpressive sunrise, barely any colour just a few rays of sun hit the towers and light them up a little. The reflections look great in the moat.
We have to be satisfied with that miserable sunrise, the guide then takes us on a short tour around some of the temple it is very impressive, Those towers are actually pictured on the Cambodian flag, so well known are they.
I bought a post card showing what it can be like at sunrise on a good day! WOW! And from the best possible position

This Lion stood proudly on a rampart near the entry gate.

This temple is in best repair probably of all the temples, in some parts restoration work has been done to improve the state of  it., there are some wonderful wall carvings all very intricate, bas reliefs I think they are called. Still looking great as we are not allowed to touch them in case oil from our fingers destroy the fine lines.

 Someone took my photo  wearing my Kiwi hat, and I look very red in the face tired,  hot  and bothered and I felt it. Around my neck is the blue audio device that was used through out our tour, it has an ear piece so the tour guide can speak to us from anywhere up to 50 yards away and we can hear and follow his talks while doing our own thing to an extent. Wonderful device all tours should have one of these for everybody.
The wonderful big smiling faces carvings impress me, there are many of them they seem to be in all the Temples.

After a brief tour we are all very ready to head back to the hotel for a lovely breakfast, but before that we stop off at a local market that is on the way and we all buy a delicious cool drink.
Its lovely cool and shady at this market so we are happy to finally sit down with a drink.
My plan is to have a quick swim even though I may well be running a temperature, it will help revive me for the afternoons activities. And it did.


diane b said...

That is no good feeling unwell on holidays but I see it doesn't stop you participating in all the tours and activities. Good for you. Bad luck about the ordinary sunrise but the temple is amazing.

Sandra said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment. sorry the sunrise did not work out but it is still beautiful. i like the photos of the stone ruins buildings.

Lois said...

A very busy morning and I enjoyed your pictures! When I went to Europe a few months ago, most of our tours included the same audio equipment you are wearing. My only problem was that the earpieces would not stay in my ears!

merike said...

What perfect harmony!

Small Kucing said... all went for the sunrise. Nice pic.