Sunday, September 28, 2014

The day of the Elephants!

Oh happy day the day of the elephants has finally arrived, I have been waiting for this. It is also our last day in Cambodia and although I still don't feel well am coughing a great deal and have some asthma, also I am so exhausted, this has been the most exacting trip we have even been on it is go go go from morning to night, every day. 
I am so excited about riding the elephant, I just love elephant rides, siding on the back of a great gentle beast lumbering along like the king of the castle!

We have another of our delicious breakfasts then back to pack our luggage ready to return home, then down stairs over the lake and on to the bus. Erle is not going with us, he has chosen to ride quad bikes around the paddy fields and out into the scrub behind the city.

We arrive to find lots of lovely small Black Asian Elephants awaiting us and masses of other tourist, they have the kind of seats that take two passengers, Christine teams up with Heinz and Peg and I team up for another one. 
There is sort of structure with lots of steps up to a small platform to help us get on board the animal. Much easier than some I have had to climb up the back leg to get on. 
There is a couple of people selling small green pineapples that apparently elephant love to eat as a special treat. Most elephants today are having special treats and loving them One bit and they disappear. 

 Ours definitely got her reward.


Our turn comes and we are both lined up and eager, Peg is on first and them me poor old elephant her name is Samba and she is 37 years old, the mahout tells me she has had many many baby calves in her life time, she is so gentle and obedient. 
We are off to wander slowly around the whole complex of Angkor Wat, and over the causeway into the complex at one point, through the forest also. 

Oh it is so wonderful the view from up here is so much superior to ground level. 

We laugh our way the track, having Samba stop every now and again for photo opportunity and to lord it over all those on the ground having to walk, like we did a day or so ago.

It is early morning and still cool and pleasant, we pass a small sort of shrine along the way, much more modern than the main temple where the sun is streaming in through the trees so pretty, and a whole wall of carved elephants known as the Elephant walk.
It was over all too soon, even though we had nearly an hour I think, Peg and I could have done it all again and still loved the ride.

While I was having the time of my life, Erle was out racing around on a big Quad Bike, wearing a good helmet and a face mask for the dust,  also enjoying himself. Not my kind of thing but he did have fun and dusty and dirty, I guess its a man thing! Surprised to see several of the women in our group did this activity too.


Jo said...

What an adventure. So glad Samba gave you a good, gentle ride and you rewarded her with the green pineapple in return. Have a great day. Jo

merike said...

An adventurous trip altogether. You New Zealanders are great adventurers, so was the boy I knew long time ago. I love to read your stories and wouldn't go there myself, Cambodia, Vietnam... Oh my!

Today 20 years ago we had a very sad day when the Estonia sank on a cold and rainy night in Finnish seas.

Roan said...

Riding an elephant! How much fun was that! I can only imagine!

Rajesh said...

Great trip. I like these wonderful images.

Susan Kane said...

Over here from my primary site to visit your great adventures! What an ancient place Cambodia is!

Susan Kane

Dee said...

You are one truly adventurous lady.♥ How many people can say they rode an elephant in Cambodia.

Lois said...

What a wonderful adventure! I have always loved elephants. They seem like such sensitive creatures despite their size.

diane b said...

That would have been fun and relaxing. The tour sure has been go go go.

Stewart M said...

Cambodia is very high on my 'to visit' list - and seeing posts like this moves it higher!

Nice pictures of the elephants.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Anonymous said...

Lovely and interesting blog. Beautiful adventure and photos. Gretings for you from Poland.

Marie said...

A trip to Cambodia! How exciting! Love the photos of the elephants, as they are one of my favorite animals. It all must have been like a dream, getting to be there.

Crissi said...

Very beautiful pictures. Thank you for your visit!
Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Hello Glennis- it is wonderful how you enjoy your retiremend
So wonderful pictures of cambodscha!
Thanks for visiting my blog and leave a comment!
Wish you alltime good health so you can make more of such trips!

Chic Boston Mama said...

What a fabulous trip (trips)!!! My goodness I hope to be able to experience trips like this one day!!