Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Krishna Rock

Krishna rock and box

My dear Daughter lovingly made and sent me these gifts. a number of paint pens that will be very useful, a nice handful of her beautiful rocks, and a very special little box she had made and painted with iridescent green and gold paint, with a painting of my booful cat on the top. Inside the box was a wonderful rock she painted of my old Siamese cat Krishna. Quite took my breathe away it's so special and it looks just like she did.

. Krishna died 30 years ago but she lives still in my heart

Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Ring

The Ring.
On February 6th 2019 while on a picnic with the Senior Citizens Club I found a ring on a picnic table. I imediately slipped I on my finger where it fitted perfectly, and held my had up to the sun to examine what I had found. The solitaire diamond sparkled ad shot blue and other coloured lights everywhere it was obviously a very nice engagment ring. We finished our picnic and I told them all I would take the ring to the Police and hand it in as soeone would be missing such a lovely ring. So I did just that and fully expected to never hear of it again, though the Police told e if after 3 months it is not claimed it would be mine.
I waited2 weeks then visited the Police Station agai to see if there had been anyone ask about the ring. Amazingly they said only that day someone had contacted them about that very ring and if they could satisfy them that ir belonged to her she would be able to claim it. I was not dissopointed I was thrilled the owner was going to get back what was given to her with love, her engagment ring. The Police asked if I wished them to tell the person who had found it, I said yes as I would rather like to hear thanks for handing it in. Then the Police told me they had taken it to a local jeweler for a quick valuation and that the ring was worth over $5000 as it was a very good diamond!
Todsay I received a phoe call from the Lady called Brenda to say thankyou very much and very gratefully, and she said she wanted to meet me and could she come after lunch, I was happy to meet with her too.

In the afternoon this very sweet lady arrived on my doorstep with the biggest bunch of beautiful flowers in her arms plus other things like a lovely heartfelt worded card and cake of choclate, a bottle of wine and amazingly a $100 note, I was blown away by her generosity and thanks. She stayed and chated with us for some time. I gave her a couple of my painted rocks to take home and remember me. Such a great Blessing all around for us both she has her very sentimental ring back andI have been more than rewarded and surrounded with love.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Daffodil Day rocks.

It is Daffodil Day in New Zealand, to commemorate people fighting Cancer.

I painted 7 special rocks with daffodils on and hid them in the streets of Picton this morning.
While doing so I found 2 pretty rocks by other people and photographed them with my daffodils.

there are a few other rocks that I had finished in the photo. I like the N for Nyle who is my dear Daughter, it had  natural white streaks I just added the purple colour.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

some of my painted rocks

Here are just some of my painted rocks. 
I painted them for the children to go out searching for, they are so excited when they do find them and usually take them home and treasure them for a time. 
But they are supposed to take a photo of the rock they find and post it on #marlboroughrocks. or #marlbrocks so I can see that they have found one of my little rocks, then, the idea is that they go out and hide the rock i a new place for other children to find.
I have been lucky enough to have had a number of rocks photographed and posted, it is so encouraging to get such a post, makes me so happy. 
Because we are a small tourist town where huge cruise ships visit often I suspect that many of my rocks have left NZ for exotic destinations. I do know one now lives in Thailand.
I have hundreds of different little designs I paint, some are easy so I do them often. Like penguins, flowers, bugs and strawberries. I believe I have painted approx 450 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Lake Mattherson New Zealand

On a bus trip round the South Island  we visited beautiful Lake Mattherson with its pretty reflections. There is a very peasant walk into this lake through old native bush full of bird song.

  Past a big swing bridge and many small streams.out highest Mountain.

 The reflections in the lake are of Mount Tasman and Mount Cook

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

the tale of the sheepskin.

Sheepskin tales.

I decided I would buy a lovely sheep skin mat for my Daughter for Christmas, I found a really nice one with a little fleck at the tips of the wool and bought it. Brought it home and put it on the spare bed. Porsche our Burmese Cat found it and liked it, lay down on it and said thank you I like it its mine.
 I rather thought she would get tired of it  and I would be able to give it to my Daughter, but she only became more attached to it. 
The shop had since sold out, so I rang them and asked if they could get another one from some other branch of their shop. 
About a week later a nice lady rang and said a whole bin of the sheep skins had arrived and asked me to send  a photo of the colour I wanted, hence the photos.  
Next day she rang me and said yes there was just one of the skins same as I wanted, it had been right at the bottom of the bin which apparently was up on top of many other big bins of stuff. Then I asked her if she would  please go back and get yet another one! 

With a sigh she said ok. hut it would be a different colour and it was. Turned out to be a lovely black tipped one. Just perfect as I wanted to give that one to my Grand son for Christmas as he has just purchased a new home. I bought the  nice lady a tiny box of chocolates for all the trouble she went to on my behalf. She was amazed couldnt believe anyone would reward her like that.
I was just so happy we still have Porsche's sheep skin and My Daughter and my Grandson have theirs too. Win win all round.