Sunday, January 03, 2016

New Years Day BBQ

 New year's day was such a lovely sunny day that we decided to try out our new bbq. All those year's like 20 year's or so of driving taxis and shuttles I used to dream of being the one was going out in the evening to a bbq at the beach instead of being the driver who took them. So we made it happen. We asked our neighbour  along too and we had a lovely evening it was still nice and warm with no breeze a perfect evening. We enjoyed our wine and nibbles an watched others catch small fish on the beach while our food cooked to perfection.

 We should do this more often now that I can.

We bought this cute wee BBQ for ourselves for Christmas, it is a kind of special one with many different top grilling plates and there is even a wok, it doubles as a cover for the whole thing. One reason for buying it is the constant talk of everyone having an alternative method of cooking in case of earthquake or other emergency where there may be no electric power for days.

This family was doing really well catching small fish, probably for the cat, it kept them happy. There were lots of other swimming in the sheltered water too.

Our neighbour Marcia lends a hand on the BBQ too, we cooked sausages, mushrooms and tomatoes, everything was just perfect as the weather was. The two bottles of wine were pretty good too.
A great start to the new year.