Saturday, December 23, 2017


First swim of the season and it was before Christmas, amazing. The weather has been unseasonably hot this year so the ocean is warm. Was a lovely swim with friends and a booggy board.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Reward from a bank.

While in town shopping in Picton I wanted some money from the ATM tried one and found a large sign saying  it had been vandalized and was not to be used til repaired, so I went further down the street and tried the next ATM but try as I might I could not put my pin number into it. The key pad numbers were all pressed down into the back so it couldnt be used. Off I went to the next machine and got my money out no problem, however I know from experience that the bank will charge me for using an ATM that is not from my bank.
When I got home I thought I had better ring the Bank and tell them their ATM had also been vandalized so it could be repaired The head office of the Bank of New Zealand was so pleased and grateful to me for telling them that they said I would get a .reward of $20 into my account! Wow who ever heard of a bank handing out rewards. 
Thank you Bank of New Zealand I appreciate the reward.