Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama Sworn in.

A Great Day for America.
The President and First Lady of America.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Paradise Shelducks

My World.: 14 .
Paradise Shelducks

We stopped for a picnic beside a small river mouth and found this unknown lady who was camping there. (This lady was happy for me to photograph her). She was feeding this family of Paradise ducks, wild birds, really wild, not town birds used to people, I was so surprised to see that she could feed them by hand, the ducks happily took bread from her fingers and allowed her to stroke their feathers.
Paradise Shelducks are endemic, native to New Zealand, and are quite common, they are larger than the average duck almost the size of a goose, they don't quack but make a honking zonk zonk noise that is very loud. Males are predominantly black with a metallic sheen on the head, while females have a snowy white head and a dark back with rusty brown undersides, they also have some blue and brown and white feathers near there tail , juvenile females only slowly get the white head, these young female birds are just starting to grow the white feathers. Mother Paradise duck had 9 nearly full grown ducklings with her, Father was near by but didn't join in for the feed.

This is my latest posting for the My World meme . It is hosted by Klaus, Ivar,Sandy, Wren, Louise and fishing guy. Here is part of 'My World'.
My World

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Picton Foreshore

This is my latest posting for the My World meme . It is hosted by Klaus, Ivar,Sandy, Wren, Louise and fishing guy. Here is part of 'My World'.

Welcome to my world, Picton New Zealand.
This is the Foreshore of Picton, a place where people gather to sit in the sunshine and wander along the beach and the grassy areas, enjoying the view of the sea and all the action on the water. Children love to feed the ducks and seagulls and the birds certainly enjoy being fed all the bread scraps.
Even in the winter it is pleasant on the Foreshore, but now in the hieght of Summer it is just lovely. We often walk here and relax with the tourists.

One part of the Foreshore has a lovely scented garden, where every flower and plant has a lovely perfume or aroma, it has been specially created for the blind folk so they can sit and enjoy the fragrance, I also enjoy sitting here!

The boat Marina is just around here, under the coat hanger bridge.

Children's play area over in this corner, plus there is a paddling pool for youngsters that are too young to swim in the sea.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Katie-May my Great grand daughter

My daughter bought this lovely fairy costume for little Katie-May and dressed her all up. And doesn't she look cute!Such a pretty costume on such a pretty wee girl.