Saturday, October 24, 2015

Punga Cove Resort and helicopter

While at Punga Cove Resort in the Marlborough Sounds, I threw myself into a hammock and as I lay sprawled in unlady-like grace in zoomed a helicopter with guest coming for lunch at the restaurant! At only $1500 a flight I do hope the lunch was spectacular.

It came in so low it was almost hidden behind the sun umbrella before is gently touched down on the heli pad.

Whilst I was still laying in the hammock I looked up into the huge Punga tree fern high above me and decided to photograph it too. These tree ferns are what the resort is named after, there are many of them on the hillside around the Cove.

We did have a lovely time while staying here, sadly I came down with a nasty heavy cold so didn't feel up to going out fishing or playing in the spa pools as we had intended. Being together is the important thing when celebrating your Anniversary, we drank several toasts to just that and also to My Dear Mother who we felt was with us in spirit some times. She was approving.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Anniversary Treat

Its our Wedding Anniversary we think its our 20th so we decided we should really celebrate. We honeymooned down the Marlborough Sounds so thought we should go back down the Sounds again. Decided to go to Punga Cove Resort, not where we honeymooned, its nice to try somewhere different.
We caught the Water Taxi and roared down the Sounds along  some other people who were going to walk the Marlborough Walk. A great scenic but quite energetic walk, we have walked parts of it but are unlikely to ever walk the whole way as it is just too far for unfit us.
There is road access to Punga Cove but the road is long and narrow and winding, some of it is gravel too. We have driven there twice and that is enough, much nicer and quicker in the water taxi.

We were met at the wharf and our luggage carted away up the hill to the Lodge where we shall be the only people in a huge 5 bedroom house. Plenty of room to move and we have the best room in the house, just look at the veiw from the window; our very own Punga (tree fern) just outside our room.

We quickly settled in and went back down the hill to lunch at the Boatshed Cafe on the wharf. Really delicious pininis  filled with smoked chicken and cranberry sauce, yummy served with lots of chips, enjoyed out in the sunshine enjoying the view.


We lunched here each day. In the evening we dined in the big restaurant 

high up on the side of the hill, the view from up there is lovely  a water taxi is at the wharf dropping people off in this photo.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Marina to Marina run and walk day

A big event for the young people of Picton is this Marina to Marina run, from Waikawa Marina to Picton Marina not a very long distance, maybe about 8km just right for kids and not fit adults ofcause there are some fit athletes in the running to and they win it but the others have fun.

There are lots of stalls set up at the finish line even for once there are actually interesting food stalls.

We didn't realize there would be food or that the food would be so nice looking. I enjoyed some yummy smoked salmon and some some uncooked fruit balls and chocolate balls too. But there was quite a lot of middle eastern food and salads plus baked potatoes and hot roast pork sandwiches and icecream and fruit etc.
Plenty of people around to watch and cheer on the participants.
A rather late arriver at the finish line one of the adult walkers makes it to the finish with lots of clapping..

 The event was run by the Girl Guides I think, and we were shown the wonderful brand new clinker boats specially designed for children to use on the harbour.We can expect to see them out practicing any time from now on, will look great when they can have races and fun.