Friday, May 31, 2013

My Poor smashed up Shuttle Bus!

A dreadful thing just happened that could have been much much worse, but it is still a real problem.
A big truck that had been working up the hill behind our home had a brake failure. No one was inside the truck which had its hand brake on, when it suddenly started to roll down the steep hill straight down toward our home, but my Shuttle bus was parked outside alone and unattended just waiting to catch the runaway truck! The truck slammed into the side of the van and gave it a glancing blow across the front before thumping into the neighbours fence where it finally came to a halt. Leaving my shuttle completely un-drivable. This was nobodies fault as both vehicles were empty at the time. But it does mean I am now out of a job! Until it is repaired. Thank God no one was injured.
My Shuttle is a luxury model so comfortable to ride in and also to drive, it has many luxury features, it has been a joy to drive. I have driven it for a year and a half and not put a scratch on it, things can just happen any time. Acts of God can strike at any moment.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ngakuta Bay and Royal Spoonbill.

Went for a very pleasant afternoon drive around the Marlborough Sounds to Ngakuta Bay. Took some lovely sweet goodies from Picton Bakkeryij, a great Dutch bakery, to sit in the sun and enjoy.

 When we drove into the picnic area I spotted a beautiful Royal Spoonbill feeding in the shallow tidal mudflats,
Quickly I wound down the window and took lots of photos.
These are big birds, that are seldom seen. rather like a Heron but with the spoon shaped bill, used to sift out small crustaceans like wee shrimps from the water.
We probably only saw it at all because it was a quiet day with few people out and  about.

Then we sat and enjoyed out sweet treats and also enjoyed the scenic views all around us. A little black Fantail also flew around us, but vanished when I started my camera!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's day.

Mother's day.
Nyle sent me a most beautiful box of flowers from Australia, for Mother's Day, I was so surprised and pleased.

Wasn't able to go visit my Mother for Mother's day as I have had a nasty heavy cold and couldn't risk her catching it. But I am feeling quite a lot better so went to visit today. Took a photo of the lovely pink flowers Nyle sent to her from Australia that pleased her so very much. I also got Erle to take a photo of Mum and me, for Nyle.