Sunday, March 27, 2016


Happy Easter to you all

On Easter Friday Morning all the Churches of Picton joined together to carry the Cross through our small town of Picton NZ.
Around 50 people ( sorry I didn't count them and I was in the front group so not sure it could of been many more ) took turns at carrying the big heavy Cross just as Jesus did so long ago for us.
I didn't personally carry it mainly the men did that, I just followed in the procession. I was amazed that there was no jeering or heckling at all, cars stopped for us some of them giving us a friendly toot and people on the street smiled, some young people called out respectfully to ask what we were doing, so some of the many Pastors within the procession went over to them to explain otherwise it was a silent witness.
 At each Church we stopped a few moments to sing a song or have a short reading or as at our Church for a short skit which while funny was serious too.
Photo shows the restart outside our  AOG Church must people are still within the Church I am standing on the doorstop dressed in black.
This made Easter much more touching to us all.