Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More shuttle stories

A Passenger asked me to to take her to a garage sale to pick up some items she had already bought, she suggested I might like to come in and have a look at what was for sale, so I went in.
There was nothing I really wanted to buy so I just wandered around having a look when I spotted a big freeze/freezer in great condition, it had the freezer at the bottom and fridge on top. People only wanted $200 for it, so I said hold on to it and I shall come back with my Husband and we may buy it.
After delivering the passenger to her home with her goods I went and got Erle, who measured up the gap we have for putting the fridge into in our kitchen then we went straight around and bought the fridge/freezer. A very quick deal. It fits perfectly and gives us so much more room for storage.

Blue nose

A very grateful fisherman passenger in my shuttle, gave me a whole kilo of fresh Blue Nose Tuna, a really prized fish. We cooked up a big meal of it with chips for dinner and there is still plenty for tomorrow nights dinner. What a lovely bonus, it is so worth while to be nice and helpful to my passengers.
I plan to take some of this lovely fish and cook it up for my old Mother's dinner, she will also love it.