Thursday, June 19, 2008


I almost lost my lovely only Grandson.
Kayne is an 18 year old young lad living and working in Nelson, who is presently out flatting with his sister. He had bad stomach pains for a few days accompanied with some vomiting, he thought it was probably food poisoning and did nothing, until the pain drove him to bed. Finally late at night he decided to text his Mother to say he had 'a bad guts ache and felt real sick.' Nyle, my daughter, said if it had been one of the girls she would have taken very little notice beside telling them to harden-up, tummy pain is a fact of life for us females, but not Kayne her strong,staunch son who never complains of pains. She was in the car and straight around to their flat, to find Kayne, ashen and grey in colour and doubled over in agony.She wrapped a blanket around him and assisted him to stagger out to the car and off to the hospital where an emergency operation was preformed as soon as a Doctor could be found to do so. Dr found Kayne's appendix had burst, at least 24 hours before he had called his Mother! Further more the Dr said had Kayne fallen asleep he would never have awakened again as his whole system was completely poisoned from the resulting peritonitis poisons floating around in his stomach. The operation was long and complicated by all that poison that had to be flushed out, he does not have a tiny keyhole surgery wound, but a quite long scar with many stitches. Lucky he is not a girl as it would have meant no bikini wearing!
He spent 5 nights in hospital and returned home so Mum could look after him and spoil him for a short time. My Husband and I went over to Nelson and took them all out to lunch. When we got there Kayne looked pale and hurting, but by the time we left after a fun family lunch together he looked so much healthier and happier, ofcause he still hurt but its always better when family gather around you with love.
He is going to be just fine again, but I very nearly lost him.