Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our perfect day at Furneax Lodge

Today was my day off, and for the first time it was an absolutely perfect sunny calm day. Yesterday the District Nurse told Erle that his wound from the big operation he had, finally had healed and no further dressings would be needed, a good reason to celebrate I thought. So,,,,,
At 9am I suggested to Erle that maybe we could go out the Marlborough Sounds to Furneaux Lodge at Endeavour Inlet for lunch, he thought this was an ok idea so I rang  and found we had just half an hour to get dressed,have breakfast and pack a small day bag for the trip and walk down to the wharves. Bit of a rush but we made it.

The day was so lovely and hot about 28 degrees with no wind and the sea was calm, we had just the nicest hours travel in the boat along with several others who were doing the same thing. Everything was so beautiful, it was just blue on blue, as you can tell from the photo.
We called into several places to drop people for the day like at Motuara Island a special bird Sanctuary where there are Kiwi birds roaming free. Several stopped to look for them and other rare birds, I would of enjoyed that too but we continued on.

Next stop was at resolution Bay where we fed the tame fish, huge blue Cod and other fish played 'soccer' with round bread rolls. And greeted our friends the Sowman's who live in the lovely bay.

Then it was on to Furneaux Lodge. Nestled in lush bush and near the waters edge,  We bought a lovely cold glass of white wine and sat in the sunshine and just soaked in the beauty of the surroundings and the wine!

We shortly order our gourmet  meals which I intended to photograph but unfortunately we were so hungry that we quickly devoured it all before the photo. The desserts arrived and the same thing happened, I can recommend the meals!
 We had a nice little wander around after the meal, appreciating the accommodation and improvements made since my last visit about 25 years ago. When I stayed in this chalet with natural grass growing on the roof as natural insulation against the heat and the cold, not one of the new luxury chalets but I still like the naturalness of it.
 I also felt the need to have a swing on the children's swings; result of all that lovely wine!

Soon it was time to leave, we had so enjoyed our 4 hours, time had just flown, but the boat arrived and we had to start back for home. So relaxed and at peace with the world, it had done us both so much good. Not an inexpensive day out but a wonderful one.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our big day out.

I have been doing quite well with the Shuttle, taking cruise ship passengers around wineries and other small tours, today is my day off so I decided it was time for me to have a day of fun and spending! 
We started out by going to Blenheim for a lovely lunch and wine at the Combined Clubs of Marlborough. Then we did a little leisurely  shopping before going and picking up my Mother and taking her on a surprise afternoon tea delight. Out to the wineries I had Erle drive us, to The Boulder Vines Village where we sampled a little wine and even nicer we had some tastings of Prezels Liquors, yumm. Then we got some scrumptious cakes and delicious coffees which we enjoyed outside in the only slightly warm sun. After we had taken Mother back to her Rest Home Villa and enjoyed an Icecream Parfeit with all the sprinkles and flavoured toppings we could get, we returned home to Picton to rest up for a while before heading out to the old Scow A.S.  Echo which has been made into a lovely Cafe right on the waters edge, where we settled down to more serious wine drinking and toasted sandwiches in the setting sun and up on the top deck. So perfect. 
A great day, its fun to spend some instead of just earning it!