Friday, July 31, 2015

Rarotonga 2015 Weddings.

For this years winter break we decided to head once again to Cook Islands, Rarotonga.  We got accommodation at the Rarotongan Resort and Spa, a very nice resort down the bottom of the island. We arrived late in afternoon and I went straight to the beach and took this photo in the dusk.

The next day we decided to go into the town and buy some food to last us for a few days and then to just relax peacefully on the beach or in the garden and read our books. Was a good idea to have a nice wind down time before we did anything much.
Whilst lazing in the sun on a sun lounger a group of young men all dressed in dress suits leaned over the balcony and yelled out do we look like we are going to get married in an hours time. I answered them no because you don't have any ties on. They told me they didn't know how to tie them but they did all have a tie and could I tie the tie knot? Yes as it turns out I could, as I had to wear a tie way back when I was in college.
The entire wedding party raced down and lined up for me to do my magic and tie their wedding ties! I did about a dozen I think and got a big hug from the bridegroom and an invite to his wedding. Now I am forced to admit I thought it was a gay wedding since there were only men, but in fact there was a lovely bride and several bridesmaids. A big wedding. I only went to the beach to watch the ceremony though I could have gone to the reception I didn't want to intrude too much. 
It turns out there was a wedding almost every day at this resort and I went to watch several of them during the 2 weeks we stayed there. Some were just a renewing of vows but many were the big romantic wedding, mostly much more relaxed in dress style than this one.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

a Special treat for me.

Today I had a real treat, I guess its ok to spoil yourself occasionally.
 My Mother gave me a voucher to have a beauty treatment at Arthur Devine Inspired Salons and Spa I have kept it for awhile, since she has passed away and will give me no more loving presents such as this, but today I cashed it in and went for an anti aging facial treatment with Marcie a lovely little Thai lady. I had never had a facial of any kind so wasn't too sure I would like the feeling, but I certainly did. So relaxing to be pampered so. My hour slipped by in no time. My face feels soft and dewy and I feel special. Awesome! 
Thanks Mum a lovely last gift.
 Tomorrow we head off for a lovely sunny break, nice to feel it has already started.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A gift from the sea.

A wee sea shell I found on the beach this morning. It is almost perfect, there should be slightly longer more pointed little spikes around the shell that have been worn down by the ocean, but it is amazingly whole.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Last of the Talent Auction items

Finally it was my turn to fulfill my obligations from the talent auction some time ago.
I had offered to take a group of up to 4 on a Wine tour with a meal at one of the wineries. 
This was bid for by several people and went for a good price to our Pastor. The Pastor and her Husband are our best friends so we have all looked forward to this event but working duties stopped us from being able to do this. Finally they asked if I would instead take them out in the evening to Blenheim for a dinner at Roccos Italian restaurant and would I bring Erle my Husband and join them for this evening out. Well, I was thrilled to do this and so was Erle, a night out together is always great fun.
It was a nasty cold wet night when I picked them up and drove to Blenheim, ( 30km away ) we were all rugged up against the cold, but the car air-con soon had us cosy. Roccos is an old established restaurant with a great reputation, I have been there often but not recently so was not too sure whether it would be as good as it used to be. Strangely when we went in I thought nothing has changed at all, the very same pictures and photos were on the wall the table layout was similar the big fish tank was still there, but sadly there were no big fish swimming and no crayfish it was just full of balloons. The fireplace was there but it now has a radiation heater rather than the real open fire that used to cook a haunch of meat all evening making the whole place smell delicious.
We ordered our meal and were delighted to find the portions were still large and the food very Italian and full of flavour. We mainly all ordered pasta and all were pleased with their choice. I was unable to enjoy the nice wine but the others were able to indulge knowing I was a sober driver, the water was nice too. 
Was a real good night lots of laughs and good conversation with good service and food. We even had a desert it was so nice, the ambiance of the place is still good. But I did miss the Crayfish and blue Cod swimming in the big tank.
The only other talent that was left to be done was Erle's offer to prune fruit trees, something he is very good at, he went and did his pruning a few days ago and thoroughly enjoyed the company of Gil who won the bidding war to get him. Hopefully there will be a bumper crop of fruit next spring.
It has been decided to hold another Talent Auction in 2 years time , any sooner might make us all sick of them, this ways we shall all be waiting eagerly for the next one and will all think up bigger better things to offer.
There were some other things offered; a car grooming, a foot massage, window cleaning, and many offers of lovely homemade cakes, and some garden offers too.
The money collected through this auction is to be sent to the Missionaries sent from our Church to China, Tibet,  Pakistan and Philippines.