Sunday, November 24, 2013

Side-car riding

Dexter invited me to ride in his Side-car from Church to to the Church lunch at a private house up on a hill.

 I just loved it. Was such fun zipping around the town with my ear to ear grin waving at everyone not so fortunate. I just felt so lucky. Lunch was pretty good too.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lord Nelson tall ship.

Lord Nelson.

A beautiful  Tall Ship, Lord Nelson in Port at Picton NZ.

We were so lucky to be able to go on-board this big sailing ship and have a good look around, sadly not to go actual sailing.
Although there were hundreds of other people on board it does not look like there were many others at all.

I was 

impressed by all the riggings and ropes hanging everywhere, would take a long time before one knew which rope to pull to set a sail.
I photographed the outside wheel house, but there was a much more high tech one inside, with every mod con needed on a modern ship.

To get a chance to go on board we stood in the hot, 29 degree sun for one and a half hours, but it was worth it. There were hundreds of people queued up waiting for a chance to go on board.
Sadly we missed seeing it sail out of the harbour under sail.

Monday, November 04, 2013

New Leather jacket.

It is a public holiday here today, Marlborough Anniversary Day, most shops are closed. 
We walked down town to buy some buns for lunch, spotted one shop open with a rack of special goods out on the street. Among the items was a tan leather jacket quite fancy with all pin tucks down from and back, I looked at it without much interest as specials are never big enough to fit me, but, surprisingly it was my size. Tried it on and although it is a trifle big round waist and neck, and it could be longer I liked it so much that I bought it for the $50 asked! For that price I don't care if it is made in China and maybe any variety of leather, I really don't care what animal wore it first, I shall be wearing it next.... thank you.