Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Garden is growing.

Slowly my garden is growing and becoming more colourful and interesting. before we left our old home Erle built me a plantstand, with a heavy solid concrete base that holds 5 big baskets of flowers. He also hand carved a fancy finian type bawble for the top, its looking great. There are quite strong winds here now and again, one of the joys of living close to the sea, but this stand will not be blown over, its heavy!
The other garden is growing in an old mussel float thats been cut in half, its mainly filled with lettuce greens for quick easy picking, right outside the back door, plus another full of gladioli wich should be beautiful for Christmas, and 2 brocolli plants that will take over once the glads are finished! There are still masses of plants growing in small pots too, this will have to continue for a while til I decide where to put them. In the meantime they provide me with some colourful blooms.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

A lucky break.

How lucky is this!
A big Blue Cod.
A huge crayfish
or lobster.

This afternoon my Husband Erle, went for a walk down the wharf to watch the fishing boats come in, just for a nice afternoon stroll by the sea.

A man called out to him, 'would you like some fish, mate. we have caught plenty' Erle was over joyed to say yes he would love some, any would be lovely. The fisherman generously handed him a very large Blue Cod and a nice size Crayfish! Carrying them home was a bit difficult as he had no bag to put them in, but he managed to carry them ok. I was so pleased to see him come home with some fish, I quickly cooked the crayfish for our dinner, and set about filleting the large blue Cod, took me a while cause the fishermen had gutted the fish, that makes it much harder to fillet, but it was surely worth it! We shall have two meals from the fish.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Otters at Nelson Zoo.

Because we don't have Otters in the wild in New Zealand, we are quite fascinated by them and their antics. The seagull was living dangerously, the Otter soon charged at it and scared it away from the fishy dinner.

The Otters enclosure at dinner time for Otters.