Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Picnic and fishing day

With an unexpected day off and a wonderful hot summers day, couldnt resist going for a picnic and a bit of fishing from the shore in Queen Charlotte Sounds. I had plenty of good 'bites' but never caught any fish, lost a few hooks and sinkers though! Erle broke his rod so never got into the fishing. Enjoyed a nice impromptu picnic and a swim, the sea was quite warm so I had a quick dip. The sea warm nice and warm on the top layer but much colder deeper down, very refreshing.  Erle took a photo to prove it but it got lost in the ether somewhere. A very pleasant day and I only got mildly sunburnt, Erle not at all.  So good just to relax by the sea in the sun, and read my tablet where I have a good book by Brice Courtney and am enjoying it.

 A perfect day.