Thursday, April 05, 2007

What I wore to the wedding.

This is the outfit I wore to the wedding, a long skirt even, now thats the first long skirt I have worn since I was married! This was taken outside our home.

Dylan and Rebbeca's Wedding

Dylan and Rebbeca's Wedding.

My Nephew Dylan, my brother Bob's adopted son, got married to Rebbeca last weekend in an amazing ceremony held on the beach at Lockmara, down the Marlborough Sounds, at the site of our old childhood holiday home.
(The reason I stress that Dylan is the adopted son is because Dylan has managed to contact is biological father and invited him to the wedding, we were all surprised to see this stranger who look exactly like Dylan at the wedding.)

First of all everybody met in Picton and boarded the Catamaran 'Oddessy' which had been brought round from Havelock especially for this wedding group as its the only boat able to carry 100 people in comfort.

The trip down the sounds was just lovely, the weather was perfect, warm and sunny with no wind, everyone enjoyed the trip with an excited Dylan to meet up with his bride.

Arriving at Lockmara we found there had been one thing forgotten in the wedding planning; the tide! It was almost dead low tide, the wharf was nearly high and dry, it took several attempts to get the 'Oddessy' close enough for us to dis-enbark, but it time we all managed to do so, even Mother who is not at all agile and had to be assisted off and on.

After we assembled on the shore a small boat roared in with the blushing Bride and her Dad, she looked so lovely as all brides do.

All the word of the ceremony had been written by Dylan and Rebbeca and they were most unusual vows, very loving and romantic.

The newly married couple kiss to seal their vows.

The young boy in the photo is Dylan's son Damion from a previous relationship he was the ring bearer for his Dad.

After we had ran all around our old holiday home checking out all the changes made since we owned it, we boarded the Oddessy again and headed to Lockmara Lodge where the bride and groom got off and had photos taken. While there the Bride decided to be playful and adventurous and have a swing or slide on the flying fox. Now a flying fox is a wire stretched between two points for transporting goods or people from one point to the other, you hold on to a small handle conected to the wire by runners, with both hands. This flying fox was a childs toy not meant to carry much weight. Rebbeca swang out from the rocky outcrop way out over the sea towards the other side of the bay, and got stuck halfway across, couldn't go forward or back so was left dangling over the quite deep sea! Her new Husband, remembering his vow to protect and save from all harm vows, very gallently raced up the cliff to the top of the rocky out crop and hand pulled her back to his side, but she crashed several times into the rocky side of the cliff and had to 'walk' up the side as Dylan pulled her, getting her snowy white gown rather muddy. Still we were all watching and expected her to have to swim, we thought she got off fairly well considering. What a pity I didn't get a photo of that!

I did take a sunset photo as we returned to Picton. The sky just turned all lemony and gold.

There was also a wonderful reception held in the best Hotel in Picton called The Yacht Club.

We had taken our caravan to picton so we didn't have to drive home and so were able to really enjoy ourselves at the evening party.